iThought2Act (Internship and Volunteer Programme)

iThought believes that every person is capable of thinking and with the right environment one can start thinking critically. However one must not just stop at that. Mere thought without practice is futile. Therefore it is more important and beneficial to put those thoughts into action. When one begins to work with a practical and reasoned mind, the work becomes more meaningful and impactful. iThought2Act is therefore one such platform for nurturing creative thinking in action through joint planning.

It provides an opportunity for interested persons to think critically and act accordingly. The person will be welcomed into an environment that nurtures and promotes discussions, healthy debates, independent views, sharing of learning and experiences. There will be learning in the form of gaining a deeper understanding of issues, research, exposure to data collection and analysis of findings among other things.

The iThought2Act Internship and Volunteer programmes are open to all nationally and internationally without any restriction on the area of work or study.

Law Interns
Law Interns are a very important and unique feature of our organisation. The legal internship is open to law students both within the country and abroad as well. We have had interns from law schools and universities such as Symbiosis, etc and around 5 legal interns from York University, United Kingdom. The legal interns are primarily focused on legal issues and less on social issues. However they do get to experience the social aspect and not just a legal perspective in isolation.

It is a win-win situation for both the intern as well as the organisation, as both seek to learn and understand each other’s views. The Indian students gain a deeper understanding of our laws, their effectiveness and implementation at the ground levels as well as the shortcomings and challenges of our legal system. This they gain through working on the field as well as in the office through the tasks assigned to them.

The international students on the other hand bring in a new perspective; they learn about our legal system and also make comparative analysis of the system in the UK and the Indian legal system. They are given an opportunity to present their views and research to a larger audience through forums and workshops. This is a very rich engagement that provides an impetus for discussion, deeper understanding of the law and culture as well as creating long lasting bonds.

Social Work Interns
iThought runs an engaging and meaningful internship programme for students of Social Work. An opportunity is provided to them to not only increase their knowledge on existing social issues through field work but also gain a deeper understanding into such issues through thought provoking discussions and research work in the office. The interns are made to engage directly with the communities for primary data that is both qualitative and quantitative and are also encouraged to strengthen their personal understanding of the subject at hand by involving in hard core research and documentation work. They are given opportunities to play an active role in workshops, presentations, training and field work.

Since iThought is a technical legal agency, it believes that those on the field must not only be equipped with knowledge on existing social issues but must also be aware and updated on the relevant laws. Therefore all social interns are given parallel training and information on the legal system and the laws, acts and mechanisms that are relevant to the theme at hand.

Volunteers (Online & Others)
The iThought2Act Volunteer Programme is open to all. It allows you to listen to your inner voice and give a pragmatic shape to your own Independent Thought through proper guidance. iThought offers volunteer opportunities that are flexible yet demanding. The aim to ensure that the volunteers not only gives something to the organisation, but more importantly benefits in the form of learning and gaining a deeper understanding on the issues taken up.

One can either opt for an online volunteer programme or is even free to come over and work in the office. There are a number of areas where one can contribute to the organisation and take back learning that will stay on forever. Some of the activities / areas where one can volunteer are –
 Teaching in the school programme
 Fund raising
 Making proposals
 Human Resource Development
 Execution of iThought activities

iThought believes that every person is capable and equipped to help. So if you wish to share your skills and time into a productive and meaningful activity and for those who are less fortunate, kindly mail us at

Volunteer Programme
Internship under Centre for Child Rights Law and Policy – Internship – CCRLP
International Internship Programme – International Internship
Independent Thinkers Online Internship Programme – Independent Thinkers
Empanelment of Associate Consultant, Consultants and Senior Consultants – Empanelment

iThought’s Independent Thinkers Research Opportunity for Child Rights
The Independent Thought Centre for Child Rights Law & Policy (ITCCRLP) is a platform providing a unique research opportunity for law students interested in Child Rights and Law. The unique aspect is the possibility of engaging in an advanced legal research experience sitting in your library/home.

Independent Thought understands the advantages of involving promising law students in legal research. Young law students have a fresh and crisp perspective on current affairs and the law. This chapter of the research programme deals with Child Rights law and policy and we are looking for law students who are passionate about changing the scenario of child rights around them by interpreting and understanding the law. We seek Independent Thinkers – those who can inspire and possible lead the world someday!

 2nd and 3rd year students of the three year LL.B. program
 3rd, 4th and 5th year students of five-year integrated LL.B. program

Why Should You Apply?
If you are an enthusiastic learner, with a passion to see the world through different perspectives with a firm belief that you can bring about change, YOU are already an Independent Thinker.

Our past interns have shared that through this programme, their world-view has strengthened and that they have understood the nuances of interpreting the law with the vicissitudes of societal development. They have gained knowledge, understood and analyzed the law like lawyers. They have gained an edge over their peers and impressed their professors.

An Independent Thinker is always an asset! Past iThought interns are initiating an online discussion forum where all past and present volunteers would be engaged in insightful and enriching discussions on Child Rights & Law.

Last but not the least all students who complete their agreed assignments and completed 50 hours (within a period of 30 days) of self evaluated committed quality work, will be eligible for certification from Independent Thought. While complete freedom is vested on the Thinker about how many hours a week (s)he can give us, a minimum of 50 hours commitment is mandatory.

Application Procedure
Send us your short curriculum vitae and a writing sample of any length on a legal topic that is related to any Human Rights or Child Rights Issue.

The writing sample may be a term paper you have written at college, a blog post or any article that you have written. Send in your applications at

Position: Empanelment of Associate Consultant, Consultants and Senior Consultants
Organisation: Independent Thought (
About Independent Thought
Independent Thought – iThought is a National Human Rights organisation providing technical and handholding support to various Funding, Policy, Research and Grassroots organizations in the area of Law & Development; Social & Legal Research; Imparting Training & Development of Modules; Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluations.
In our ongoing endeavor to strengthen the team and to bringing fresh energy and ideas, we invite Academicians, Research Scholars, Development Practitioners & Students from multi-sectoral background such as Law, Social Sciences, MSw, Political Science, Economics etc. to share about themselves for possibilities of collaborative work.

Associate Consultant
Bachelors or Masters degree in any discipline with an urge to use and test their theoretical understanding in action and learn by working.
 Excellent command on language, spoken and written English and Hindi (desirable).
 Ready to explore new possibilities and work in challenging situations


 Masters or Equivalent (3 years LLB), in the discipline of Law, Social Work, Economics, Political Science, Sociology etc
 Above 5 years of sectoral experience.
 Excellent command on language, spoken and written English and Hindi (desirable).
 Exception to Qualifications in case of over 5 years of field or research experience.

 Experience of social or legal research. Publications in leading magazines etc.

Senior Consultant

 Apart from the requirements for consultants, the senior consultant should additionally posses the following;
 Ph.d or Above 10 years of Sectoral experience; with 3-5 years in social or legal research

 Field based experience with Proven Project Management, Research Skills & Experience
 Analytical mind with capacity to analyze data

Kindly send your detailed resume at mentioning the category applied for in the subject title along with
 Detailed Resume with Photograph; One sample of past work / publications; Details should include your known language ….skills and
 Note (max 500 words) on How and What can I contribute as a team member.