The iThought2Dedicate Fellowship Programme is a platform to all those people who feel deeply about someone who is not in their midst anymore but want to keep their legacy alive. The programme provides an opportunity to anyone who would want to give back to society in dedication of someone who was instrumental in shaping their own life. The Unique aspect of the fellowship is that the Name of the Person(s) remains alive forever till the fellowship continues.

One such fellowship is the iThought Krishna – Sheela Fellowship. It has been instituted in dedication of Late Krishna Bihari Srivastava and Late Sheela Srivastava by their children, Ranjana, Amit, Supriya and Vikram; and their grandchildren Karn and Akss. Under this Fellowship, the educational needs of two children are being supported in Noida.

It is an open invite for individuals to start such fellowships in name of their loved ones. For details as how to initiate, kindly contact