Legal Aid

iThought is a Technical Legal Agency that serves as a Consultant to NGOs, Governments, Grassroots organizations, Multilateral Agencies, Funding, Policy and Research Agencies. Our roles are ideals and functioning as an organisation can be better understood through our Actions, the Solutions we offer and our role as a Catalyst for change. However we as an organisation firmly believe that real change in society is possible not only through interventions at the policy and implementation levels, but concrete and sustained interventions at the grassroots levels.

A policy, law or scheme no matter how strong and sound, will fall short and fail miserably if the common masses for which it exists do not have any awareness or information on the same. The success of a policy depends upon proper execution and implementation and this is guaranteed when the target beneficiaries are equipped with information on the same. This works on two levels – the service provider level and the beneficiary level.

iThought provides Facilitation, Training and Counselling to service providers, government officers, members of NGOs, Government commissions and departments, Activists and grassroots level workers. The rationale behind this is to make those in the position of power and authority more legally aware and informed about the law, policies and schemes that exist for the people they represent and serve. This will enable them to not only understand the nuances of the law but to ensure that implementation and execution of the same does not get hampered in any way.

iThought is of the firm opinion that social change and empowerment is possible only with legal consciousness. Once man is equipped with knowledge of the law, he is in a better position to rightfully claim what he deserves. He begins to question what is not being done and what is being wrongfully done. iThought therefore extends its support as a Legal Aid agency to these communities by offering counselling, training, skill building, information seminars and workshops. The issues that are taken up range from rights of children, women, workers, tribals and those living in urban, rural and conflict areas.