Technical Legal Agency for Women’s Empowerment Project in Uttar Pradesh
Independent Thought is a Technical Resource Agency – Legal Empowerment (TRA-LE) for providing specialised technical services and inputs under the LTA for “Scaling up of “SWAAYAM” UNDP-IKEA’s Women’s Empowerment Project in Jaunpur, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Mirzapur and Sonebhadra District of Easter Uttar Pradesh. This is under the Long Term Agreement with UNDP.

Empanelled Agency with State Commission for Protection of Child Rights 
Independent Thought is empanelled with the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights as a Technical Agency.

Empanelled Agency with Assam State Child Protection Society
Independent Thought is empanelled with Assam State Child Protection Society as a Resource Agency to provide technical support.

Technical Support Agency under Child Rights Project in Uttar Pradesh 
Support was provided as a Technical Agency for UNICEF, Lucknow to build capacity of Community Based Trainers (CBT) for the project: “To promote Child Rights in three Districts (Jaunpur, Mirzapur and Sonebhadra) of Uttar Pradesh”. The project aims to capacitate around 300,000 families in over 2500 villages using a cascade model. Over 150 Community based master trainers (CBTs) will be trained and handheld by iThought. During this period, activities such as – 7 TOTs and 7 Refreshers on Ten Point Child Friendly Agenda and Behaviour Communication Skills, 7 TOTs and 7 Refreshers on Child Protection and Facilitation Skills and providing Supportive Supervision in the field to CBTs of 20 UNICEF partners was undertaken.
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Partnership with Justice Makers Global Initiative (JMGI)
Support is provided to the annual Justice Makers Global Initiative (JMGI) Competition which is held annually. The competition addresses the crumbling infrastructure, lack of legal resources and unchecked instances of torture in developing countries. Support towards the competition was extended by distributing posters, postcards and sending emails to attract potential applicants.