Independent Thought is a strong advocate of creating awareness and sensitizing the masses. We provide various resource materials and manuals on human rights and the law including research, consultation, guidance and assessment as well as training services on areas of Law & Development; Rights of Children, Women and Marginalized Communities; Governance Intervention; Social & Legal Studies & Action Research. We not only create material for other organizations and agencies but also publish material for independent authors. Besides this we have published various books and IEC material independently with the intention to stimulate debate and discussion on the aforementioned topics.

We have developed, conceptualized, edited as well as published a number of materials in the form of books, IEC materials such as posters, pamphlets, flipbooks, manuals, games, etc.



iThought proudly launches Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) poster in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

Independent Thought Annual Law Digest –
iThought proudly presents Annual Law Digests 2012, 2013, 2014, a compilation of award winning well researched legal essays on child rights issues.

  • Protection of Children from Sexual Offences – POCSO (2012) – ISBN – 978-81-928280-1-5
  • Age of Criminal Responsibility (2013) – ISBN 978-81-928280-2-2
  • Marital Rape within Prohibited Child Marriages (2014)) – ISBN 978-81-928280-3-9


Published books for independent authors through our ISBN numbers.

  • CSR as Game Changer – Stakeholder Engagement Holds The Key by Dr. Manoj Dash (ISBN 978-81-928280-7-7)
  • Book on Corporate Social Responsibility by  Hilal Al-Salmi
  • Health and Nutrition – A handy guide for parents for child’s bright future by Dr. Manoj Dash (ISBN 978-81-928280-0-8)

Conceptualized, Developed, Designed & Published Books as a part of our In-house Publications

  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2017 : Pornography, Children and Law (ISBN 978-81-928280-6-0)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2016 : Mental Health – Locating Rights of Children (ISBN 978-81-928280-4-6)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2015 : Allowing Child Labour dilutes Children’s Constitutional Right to Education (ISBN 978-81-928280-5-3)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2014 : Marital Rape within Prohibited Child Marriage (ISBN 978-81-928280-3-9)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2013 : Age of Criminal Responsibility (ISBN 978-81-928280-2-2)
  • Independent Thought Law Digest, 2012 : Protection of children from Sexual Offence – Law and its Effectiveness (ISBN 978-81-928280-1-5)

Conceptualized,Developed & Designed Books for Other Agencies

  • Case Law Book on State Commission Case Interventions for Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights
  • Case Law Book on selective Judicial pronouncements by the Child Welfare Committee for Save the Children, India           
  • Reviewed, Edited and Updated a Manual on Gender related Legislations for National Law University & UNFPA Initiative, Jodhpur
  • Training Module  on Gender Based Violence against Women for Human Rights Law Network
  • Pictorial training Manual on Gender Sensitivity Training for SWATI through OXFAM, India
  • Developed a Training Module for the ‘Training of Trainers on Child Protection, Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Act, 2000 and Integrated Child Protection Services for the Odisha Government
  • Developed a comprehensive book on Five City Urban Health Profiles for Population Foundation of India, New Delhi
  • Conceptualized  and Designed IEC Materials on ‘National and State Rules for Plan India
  • Safai Karamchari Karya Sahayak Pustika – Booklet on Awareness and Training for NDMC Workers developed for All India Institute of Local Self Governance

Information Education and Communication (IEC) Materials  

We collaborate with other agencies and organizations for conceptualization, editing and development of IEC materials based on their requirement. As per the requirement of the concerned agency we also publish the said material for them.

Conceptualized, Developed, Designed & Published IEC – In house materials

We independently develop material for circulation and distribution

  • Poster on role of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC)
  • Poster on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 in English and Hindi
  • Annual Wall Planners (2013 onwards)
  • Poster on Right to Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009
  • Poster on child protection tools
  • Poster on Game on Child Rights
  •  Poster on  Sexual Harassment with Women at the workplace

IEC for Other Agencies

Conceptualized, Developed & Designed Multimedia and animation film

  • Flash Animation for Sewage Workers for AIILSG
  • Surakshit Hum – Animation Film on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012

Conceptualized, Developed & Designed Booklets

  • Schemes for Adolescent Boys and Girls in Uttar Pradesh State for UNICEF
  • Reference Book on Child Sexual Abuse for Plan India
  • Step By Step Guideline for Case Management on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and  Child Sexual Abuse for Plan India
  • Guide on Safe and Unsafe Touch for Plan India
  • Printed and Designed IEC Book Series of 5 Books for Plan India along with various IEC materials in English, Hindi, Oriya and Telugu; like booklets, planner and animation movie on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.
  • Developed a Training Manual for CSO workers and other village level functionaries for Plan India on POSCO
  • Booklet cum training manual on Child Protection Policy (CPP) for Child Fund
  • Manual on Programme Guidelines for Child Protection for Child Fund
  • Development of poster, brochures and leaflets on child marriage, child trafficking, physical and humiliating punishments etc
  • Booklet on PIL Judgment: Independent Thought vs.  Union of India and Anr. [W.P(Civil)382/2013] in collaboration with Girls Not Brides
  • Booklet on Child Protection for staff and community members for SBT
  • Booklet on the Rights of Children against Corporal Punishments in School and The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009  for Plan India           
  • Pamphlet cum information booklet on the Right to Education Act for SWATI through OXFAM, India            

Conceptualized, Developed & Designed Posters

  • Prevention Of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (POSH) Poster for UNICEF
  • Poster on Bullying the Child for Child Fund
  • Poster to be used by Children for Child Fund
  • Poster catering Do’s and Don’ts for Children
  • 6 Child Rights Law Posters (All Weather) for UNICEF on child marriage, child safety, child labour, human trafficking, rights of the girl child and POCSO
  • Poster on Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) for Indian Oil
  • Poster on Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) for Global Logic
  • Poster on Sexual Harassment and laws related to it for Panasonic
  • Poster on Sexual Harassment and laws related to it for Global Logic
  • Poster on “Say NO to violence with Children’ for Child Fund