Sangwari Project – Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

Sangwari Project was launched in Aug 2014 and currently it is in it’s 2nd year. The project is currently being implemented in 25 villages of Dantewada block of Dantewada district. With regards to Child Protection, we can safely say that these 25 villages were untouched area. When the Sangwari Team initiated work here, even the idea of “group formation” was viewed with suspicion in these villages and ‘child protection’ was an alien concept.

The Sangwari team has come a long way since then. Not only we have succeeded in creating children groups in each of the village, we have also facilitated the formation of statutory protection bodies like VCPC in every village. The team has also empowered youth and created child rights defenders at village level. Sangwari team has managed to take up the issue of child protection at block and district level governance agencies with multiple stake holders like District Collector, Police, Officials from DWCD and JJ Institutions. Child Protection today is no longer a taboo subject in the 25 villages. Though we still aspire to create an environment where issues like child protection are discussed with more freedom and gusto, Sangwari has taken tge first big step in this direction.

Village and Panchayat Level Achievement of Sangwari

  • Training of Children Group:
    • 26 training held with children group on child rights through these training covered 519 children
  • Training of Adolescent girls group:
    • 21 training held with adolescent girls. 283 girls covered through these trainings
    • Topic discussed -Child Rights, vocational courses at Livelihood college, Health and Personal Hygiene Management
    • These trainings were held in Schools, Anganwadi Center and Panchayat Bhavan reflecting the rapport of the Sangwari team with the community and community participation.
    • 03 adolescent girls got admission in Livelihood College to take training
  • Training of Youth Group:
    • 09 training held with youths and 177 youths covered in these trainings.
    • 2 district level trainings for youth held with 50 participant (2 from each village)
  • Training of VCPC Group:
    • 24 trainings with VCPC held covering 396 members
    • Issues related child protection and details on referral system (DCPU and CWC) were shared by members
    • iThought facilitated the identification and referral of 4 children in distress who were eventually produced before the CWCand DCPU with the support of VCPC members
    • Appreciation by DPO during training sessions forthe proactive work being done by iThought with VCPC Convergence Meeting at Dantewada , Chhattisgarh
  • Convergence meeting at panchayat level: 
    • 18 convergence meetings held at village and panchayat level. 355 stakeholders participated in these meeting.
  • Enrolment in School:
    • 37 out school children enrolled in school through team efforts and support of PRI members and community group members
    • Counseling/guidance by iThought team led to admission of children in POTA Cabin Schools
  • Folk Show:
    • 23 folk shows has done in the villages
    • 2635 community people (approximately) covered through these folk shows
    • Message given on the issue of child protection and education
  • Organizing School level orientation workshop on child rights –
    • 14 such programs organized in schools with children and school teachers
    • Documentary film and songs on Child Rights, Child labor and Education played in program. Children enjoy these video clips as well as songs,
    • 619 children participated in this programme
  • Base line Survey Details: Block Level Federation meeting of adolescents at Dantewada, Chattisgarh
    • Base line survey held during this period and completed in Dec.2015
    • All targeted respondent have been covered

Block and District level Achievements

Rangeela Mahotsav

Like the previous year, the information kiosk set up by the Project Sangwari in this annual district level children festival continues to attract the adults and children alike. Sangwari kiosk was an interactive one, where our team members interacted with and involved the participants throughout the 3 day gala event. The theme of our kiosk for this year was Village Child Protection Committee (VCPC). The kiosk provided information on child protection, child rights and protection mechanism and hundreds of children, youth and adults participants were able to access this information easily. The Sangwari kiosk was  attended by several Officials like District Collector, SP, DEO, BEO etc who appreciated the work done by the team on child protection.

Protection is a cross cutting theme in health, education and other aspects of a child’s life. Therefore Sangwari team has adopted an integrated approach in the implementation of the Project. In this respect, the Team has developed good working relationship with multiple stakeholders from various CSOs and government departments at district and block levels. The team works closely with the Officials from Health, Labour, Education and Livelihood departments. Their involvement in the Project is reflected in their active participation during meetings and trainings undertaken under the Project. Sangwari team has worked closely with the following stakeholders:

  1. CWC and JJB Members
  3. Janpad Panchayat CEO and Officials
  4. Chairperson, CWC
  5. DCPO
  6. DPO
  7. DCPU
  8. Officials of Social Welfare Department
  9. Labor Department
  10. Officials from Diet and SSA
  11. Officials from Livelihood College
  12. Assistant Commissioner – Tribal Department
  13. RTE Forum, Chhattisgarh
  14. RTE Watch